HAUNTERS OF DREAMER’S DEN #3 Chambers of Haunted Dreamers

At the Ghoul Graveyard, a Nether Haunter named Terrie Terrible curses all the closets in the bedrooms of Gifted Dreamers. Now, the evil faeries can invade Arden and the Gifted Dreamer’s imaginations whenever they please. But can Arden and his powerful dream team seal all the magic portals to the dark dream planet? Or will Terrie Terrible and the other Nether Haunters control their souls, permanently?Arden discovers his magic door in his bedroom can teleport him to any other bedrooms, not only in his house but every bedroom in Dreamdale, as well! Arden must be careful because of his next portal jumping. Because it could get him into a world of trouble if he doesn’t watch out for the malevolent Nether Haunters. They might try to conquer his privacy, and Arden might not get away from Terrie’s horrible haunting plan! 

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